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Time to Plant

21 Mar

Like many people around the country, I am home right now due to the Coronavirus. School is out (at this time) until April 13th, and I do not plan on leaving my farm at all.  I hope everyone out there is staying safe and keeping away from everyone.  Since I’m here, I figure I can put my time to good use.  It’s been several years since I started my own plants for the garden.

I still had some peat starters.

I still had plenty of seeds (and I did pick a few things up the last day I worked).

I do think the peat pots that you had to hydrate to use were a bit messy, but I guess we’ll see how they work.

I also decided to use my stacking planters to try some other things.  I am thinking of removing the porch from the south side of my house and replacing it with a conservatory, so we’ll call this a trial run.  Or something like that.

I even planted some garlic in window boxes.  We’ll see how it does.

Anyhow, I spent most of my day planting seeds. That seems like a good thing to do on the first day of spring!