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Kidding So Far

10 Mar

Sunday night, I went out for my before bed check at about 10:30.  I immediately heard a kid and realized it was Reva lying in the middle of the barnyard.  I got out there just as she was standing up from having the second kid.  I grabbed a towel and scooped them up.  She followed me right through the milk room and soap room and into the south stall in the garage.

Reva and babies

They are both adorable.  The lighter one is a buck and the darker one is a doe.

Here she is all dried off the next day.

Monday, just about noon, Gidget had her twins–two boys!

They are handsome fellows!

I’m thinking that truly spotted mini-Gidget would be a great buck for someone.

Then Monday night when I went out for my before bed check, I asked Victoria if she was going to wait till morning.

Victoria and her doelings

Technically, I suppose 1:00 am is morning.

It’s not what I meant, but she managed to have her two little does just fine, and I got them moved to the garage where it is a little warmer.

Everyone is doing well!  So far, these are all Xerxes babies!

Just in time for me to add it to this post, Ava had her twins–a doe and a buck!

Ava and her twins

These two are probably my last Fionn babies.

Ava’s doe

I will also likely use one of them to help me make “The Perfect Kid.”

Ava’s buck

I am quite pleased with the way kidding is going so far this year.