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17 Feb

Maisie decided she wasn’t happy staying in the buck room pasture with just her kid.  She needed to join the rest of the herd out in pasture.

So they did.

Uno and Maisie

I think Uno had a good time.

Although, he did have a bit of a problem with the girls picking on him.

Venus and Uno

Uno and Marge

Seriously.  They even ganged up on him.

But, his mom would see what was going on, and she’d go protect him.

Maisie and Uno

What’s the first thing you want after having a bunch of bratty girls pick on you–comfort from mom.

The girls all took off as soon as Maisie got close.  I’m pretty sure they won’t be picking on him again (until Maisie turns her back).

Bad girls on the run

You can see a video of him trying to figure out how to cross the ditch HERE.  I finally tossed him across.

It’s all good.  He made it back to the barnyard, and they settled in for a nap.

I can’t believe how big he’s getting already.