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Moving Maisie and Uno

10 Feb

Overall, it was pretty easy getting my old ladies into the greenhouse.  I was a bit worried about moving Maisie and Uno.


They have done well in the buck room, but I don’t need Maisie having kids again in July, and I need to get that area ready for spring break kids.

Xerxes, Hilda and Uno

I tried opening the gate separating her and Hilda and Xerxes from the main herd, but it was frozen down.

Uno, Maisie, Xerxes, and Hilda

That means I had to go through the garage with her.  Getting her to go into the garage was easy because she just went into to see if there was any sweet feed in there.  Uno happily followed.  I got her into the soap room, but I was afraid she was going to explore in there.  I shook the food pan in the milk room, and she came in.  Then I got Uno to join us in there. While she was snacking, I put a collar on her, and then I drug her across the barnyard to the Love Shack.  Uno followed right along.  That wasn’t even too bad!

He’s not quite as happy in the smaller space, but I need to get him out of the buck room so I can keep preparing for March babies.


Odie had to check him out.

I’m not sure that’s a happy look.

I have a heat lamp in the Love Shack for him.  I even had to lower it a little bit so it was closer and warmer for him.

Now I just have to figure out how to move Xerxes and Hilda because I’m pretty sure I’m not taking them through the soap and milk rooms.