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Old Ladies Together

9 Feb

Since I sold the bucks, I spent yesterday afternoon trying to get everyone moved where they need to be before kidding in March.  I took the old ladies from the Love Shack and easily led Margarita, Maggie, and Cookie to the greenhouse.  Chiffon and Marge snuck in while I was dragging fat wethers out.  I’ll leave them for now, but I might have to kick them out if I need more room.

Cookie, Margarita, Maggie, Marge, and Chiffon (with Sidney on this side of the gate)

Harley was another story.  I had to drag her.  I don’t know why she won’t walk.  Dragging is so hard on her back.  I even tried bribing her with peanuts.  I finally got her into the greenhouse too.


Then I brought Pistol and Antigone from the garage.  The weather was fairly warm today, and it is supposed to be fairly warm tomorrow, so I figured there wasn’t going to be any better time to move them.


Margarita greeted Antigone in typical goat fashion–fighting.

Antigone and Margarita (with their moms, Pistol and Maggie watching)

Finally, I added Clover.  She spent the night in, but she wanted out the next morning, so I let her.  I’ll keep an eye on her in case I really need to put her back in the greenhouse. You can see that I have a heat lamp in there (the circle in the doorway).  Actually there are two in the building.  That will help it stay a little warmer.

Antigone, Clover, and Pistol

Maggie has claimed this lamp for herself.


I thought about adding Dolly in there.  She’s seemed tired lately.  I don’t know why.  She did go in, but when she didn’t find sweet feed, she wanted back out.


They have all the ameneties they need in here.  It’s a heated water bucket, sweet feed delivered every day, and lots of hay.


I also gave them a sweet lick bucket last week.  I figure anything to encourage them to eat is good.


They like it.

I also want to apologize for the post I accidentally published this morning.  I meant to hit save.  It will be coming later in the week.