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5 Feb

I wanted to sell Zeus and Anubis this past weekend, but everyone was busy.  My original plan was to wait and sell them next summer after I see what babies I got from them and people would be looking for new bucks for the fall.

Aphrodite watching Anubis and Zeus play fight when it was nice weather.

Unfortunately, I have to get rid of them right away because I really need the greenhouse.  I need to move my old ladies into it.  Sadly, I need more space for old ladies than the Love Shack provides, and I need to get non-kidding goats out of my garage.

Chiffon, Maggie, Marge, Cookie, Harley, and Margarita (standing)

If Zeus would not jump fences and stay where I put him, I’d wait until summer.

I’m not sure I want to even try moving him to see if he’ll stay in place though, so they will get sold as soon as I can get someone to help me tag and load them.