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20 Jan

Well, the snow/freezing rain ended fairly early on Saturday, but the winds were still horrible.  My nephew came and cleared my driveway.

Yes, my vehicles are outside the garage because a llama and goats have overtaken the entire garage.  Trust me, the blue skies and sunshine mask the dangerous windchills.

Nobody wanted to do more than peek out and decide it was not worth stepping out the door.  It was even too cold for the goats to bask.  That’s cold!


We did have a fair amount of ice with the storm.  It’s hard to see it glistening, but the cat slipped when he tried going out and decided it wasn’t worth it.

The dog is not happy with the weather either.


Luckily for him, I sneak out to do chores and leave him inside.  He’s so attached to me, that he would come out and freeze and shiver the entire time if I didn’t sneak out.  The pillow in the house is a much better way to wait while I do chores.

The winds were horrible all day.  It really was pretty though.

The temperatures continued dropping, and by afternoon, we had sundogs.

I was too wimpy to go out and get a picture of the whole thing without the light pole and building in the way.  I will probably have a couple more chances though.

We’re going to be stupid cold until Wednesday.  Then it looks like it will be much better.