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My Lovelies

31 Jan

Just some of my lovely ladies.


Harley with Marge in the background




And we can’t forget Mama.

Mama Phoenix

They make me smile.


30 Jan

Aurora is always very elegant and ladylike.  Execpt, when she doesn’t know I’m watching.

Aurora and Maybeline (Astra too)

As soon as I said her name, she quit the challenge to spit and looked sweet and innocent again.

Silly llama.  And what is Astra doing?


She was trying to snag an extra serving of hay from the barn.

Because, you know, I never feed them.  Silly goat.

I Need Sunshine

29 Jan

So far, all of my posts this week have come from last weekend.  Today’s is no exception.  Sunday morning when I got up, the world was shrouded in fog and hoarfrost.

Athena at the mineral block

It is beautiful.  I do love the way it looks.

Sky was having fun out there.

Sky behind the frosted bushes

But I am seriously in need of sunshine.