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A Smart Little Cookie

2 Dec

I decided as the weather gets worse and Marge is still tiny, I really needed to get her to come into the milk room and eat sweet feed with Chiffon and Venus.


The first day, I snuck up on her and caught her and carried her kicking and screaming to the milk room.  She decided that was okay once she saw the other girls in there

Venus and Chiffon

and realized she got sweet feed.

Although, I would have preferred she not climb all the way into the feed tub. (We’ve moved past that, and I wasn’t going to put her in there for a picture, but she did get all four feet in there.)

I told her I’d let her in to eat more the next day if she paid attention and came when I called.  After I got the rest of the goats their corn, I looked for Marge, but I didn’t see her.

Chiffon and Venus were getting impatient, so I turned to go feed them and then I saw Marge.  She was already standing at the door waiting.

She’s one smart, little Cookie!  Get it?

Marge, Cookie, and Chiffon

Cookie. Her mom’s name is Cookie.  Bwahahahahaha  Anyhow…

I now just call and I am tripping over all three of them as we walk to the milk room.

They are ready to go in before I can even get the door open.

Venus, Chiffon, and Marge

Little sweeties.