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Well Trained

18 Nov

I have two well-trained little girls.

Venus and Chiffon

Or maybe they’ve trained me.  Whenever Chiffon and Venus see me, they are ready to go into the milk room for some sweet feed.

I do let them go in to eat every afternoon because they were both so sick with the copper deficiency.  Being a bottle kid, Venus is a sweetie.

Chiffon is getting a lot calmer; although, she still doesn’t want me to touch her if she’s not in the milk room eating.  You can tell she’s not at all thin anymore.  That’s a good thing.  I like my goats on the fluffy side.

I’ve suggested she invite her twin sister Marge in to eat too.


Because if I talk to Marge, I get the goat-stare-of-death, and she quickly walks away.

Maybe she knows that she’s still on my list to be sold.