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I Prefer the Old Hobby

11 Oct

I kept telling Fionn he needed to get a new hobby instead of destroying the Love Shack.


Well, I kind of regret saying that.  I decided to give Fionn two girls, Wanda and Ava.  Xerxes has his girls in the barnyard.  Well, the two bucks decided they had to fight.  They destroyed two pieces of cattle panel.

Xerxes and Fionn in the same pen

Notice, they do get along.  For some reason when you put a fence between goats, it makes them all seem to want to fight.  Seriously.  Anyhow, I got the panels all replaced and Xerxes out of the Love Shack.  Today, I came home from work(Yay!  Felt well enough to go to work) to find that Fionn (and Wanda and Ava) was out with everyone else.  I got everyone put back and replaced another section of destroyed cattle panel.

Fionn with Ava and Wanda

Poor Fionn might have over-exerted himself.  He’s looking good, but he hasn’t had much exercise for a couple of months.  He’s really worn out.  I’m not sure he’ll even be able to breed his two girls if they come into heat now.  Overall, I think I preferred him head butting the Love Shack.