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Ready to Work

9 Oct

I am still sick and running a fever.  I am very frustrated because my doctor left the clinic and they can’t get me in to re-establish a primary physician until November.  Until then, I’m in a no-man’s land of medical care.  I tried to get in to the Express Care today because I’m still running a fever and don’t know that I should go back to work until it’s been gone for 24 hours (the school nurse did say that was usually the recommendation; after talking with her, I also think it’s a nasty stomach virus too.), but they won’t give me a work excuse. I have to see the primary care physician for that.  They won’t even see me in that office until I’m established; I have to go sit in urgent care.  Are we seeing the running in circle problems I’m facing?

In the meantime, I’m supposed to be mixing bucks and does (yesterday) to make spring break kids.  Despite my better judgement, I’m going to try to get at least my milking girls and a few others put with bucks tonight because it just has to be done.  In good news, Fionn says he’s ready to work.  Bring on the girls!