Finishing the Job

21 Sep

To continue the story of my trees and the electric company, I probably should remind you that the crew left my trees mutilated after I came home and was hysterically sobbing.  I also made a phone call that was hysterical to complain about the abuse.  I was more rational, so I sent a text with the link to my blog post and suggested he read that (it has pictures) before replying.  I did receive a text saying he would pass it on to someone who would reach out to me.  Imagine my surprise when I got home and found another little note from the arborist saying they’d be back to finish the job.  Call with questions.  Can you guess how that phone call went?  Lots more yelling and swearing.  He did say that he had been told I was rather “sentimental” about the trees.   It ended with the arborist coming back to my farm to discuss my concerns.  You know, I was angry and I hated all those people, but the second he got out of the truck and I saw him, I knew I couldn’t hate him.  I tried.  And I yelled. And I swore.  And he just took it all while defending the massacre of my trees.  I started hyperventilating because I knew there was nothing I could say to convince him that I was not exaggerating.

There was no reason for everything that they had done.  He even agreed the tree that they quit working on when I came home was fine, so I shared that the contractor had told me he was going to remove all of skirt to the bottom.  I had argued with him, telling him that he should only take what was necessary.  Finally, the arborist made a comment about not being able to see how they looked before; if only there was a picture.  Well, I whipped out my phone and showed him the picture from the blog post.

I think he finally figured out that I was not complaining without reason.  Again, there has to be a balance between the need to keep the electric lines clear and treating the trees and me with respect.  It should not be such an anxiety producing, fearful thing.  He agreed.  He also shared that most of them liked trees and that’s why they did the work.  It was obvious he cared about trees (which is probably why I couldn’t hate him).  He also said he would not allow anyone in to do work without him there.  He would personally direct the trimming, and he would have them even take care of the big limb that fell from a heavy snow a couple of years ago.  They would cover the wounds to protect them from insects (I learned that their sap is generally enough to seal and protect them from disease).  He was also going to have them clean up all the stuff that I had told them they could leave for the goats that was piled so deep the goats couldn’t even eat it.  They would also finish removing the bird poop mulberry and all the other little mulberries in the fencerow.

They came to finish trimming them on the day I stayed home and went to the doctor for my foot.  It was quite a day.

It’s still too much for my liking, but this was reasonable.  Hopefully, they will be safe for years now.  And here’s my PSA. If you have the electric company call saying they are coming to trim the trees, take pictures before they come.  Let the contractor know that you have pictures and will be contacting the electric company if they take off more than is necessary.

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