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No Wether Left Behind

12 Sep

The other night I had to go out to pasture to bring the milking girls up (they were horrible last week).

Betty, Casey, Maisie (lying down), Bambi (I can’t tell who is by Bambi from this angle)

Cookie, Litha, Coral (behind) Betty Lou, Maggie

I kept thinking I heard someone calling just over the hill.  I kept trying to see everyone, but finally, I just decided to walk over the hill to make sure I was mistaken.  Well…


Pluto had his head stuck.  It didn’t take much to get him out.  He really shouldn’t have been stuck.  Silly boy.  He quickly headed back to find everyone else.

Finally, he caught up with his sister, Pistol, and her girl Antigone.

Antigone, Pistol, and Pluto

He did give me a proper thank you later.

Now he better keep his head out of the fence!