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Guess Who Got Caught!

11 Sep

Friday evening, I was really hoping to catch Joy so I could start milking her maa, Zinnia.

Zinnia and Joy

She was having a lot of fun playing with Dahlia.

Dahlia and Joy

Joy’s usually such a little brat that I can’t get close to her.  She must have been tired from all of her running and playing because she didn’t bother to get up from where she was lying by her maa.  She let me pet her and then I really got right over her and put my hands around her and picked her up and carried her to the north paddock, and she didn’t care at all!  But she didn’t like it when she figured out she was weaned.

Angela, Frisco, Pipsqueak (behind), Snow White, and Joy and Moira behind

This is her last chance to decide to be nice to me.  She’s not scared.

She’s just a brat.

I keep telling Zinnia (every time she comes in to get milked) she better tell her girl to be nice to me if she wants her to stay on the farm.