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Zucchini Chips

18 Aug

I had a request for my zucchini chip recipe. Well, I don’t really have one.  I can tell you what I do though.

I slice enough zucchinis to cover the four trays I have with my dehydrator.  It takes about one medium-large zucchini. I try to make them really thin.  If you have a mandoline, that would work.  I just use a knife.

Once they are sliced, I sprinkle a packet of Ranch dressing mix on them and toss to make sure they are all coated.  You can use whatever you want–dill, garlic salt, taco seasoning.

Then I lay them on the trays.

When I have them all on there, I start the dehydrater and forget it for an hour.

You do need to rotate the trays so that they dry evenly.

Then they are ready to come off the tray.  Also, don’t leave them too long, or they can get brown from too much drying (I multi-task, so I always end up with a couple of brownish ones.  It’s all good.)

I always have one or two that I cut too thickly and they are still damp.  I just put them back in the dehydrator for a little while longer.

They store well in just a plastic container.

I like when they are nice and thin and crispy!