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A Dipstick

2 Aug

I am still going crazy trying to figure out a schedule with copper. I already shared Fionn and Betty Lou got a third round of copper making 6 grams since the end of March.  Fionn is better.  The diarrhea is gone.  He’s still completely anemic, but it takes time for the body to generate red blood cells.  He’s still critical.


Betty is better, but she completely anemic again.  They are both thin.  I really don’t know what to do.  Betty is already looking like she’s losing ground with the fur on her nose, and it was just getting grown back in.  They can’t seem to get caught up before they are declining again.

Betty Lou

Then I noticed Cupid has white spots.


She’s not supposed to have white spots.

November–just after she arrived at the farm

Just a couple of days ago

I’ve been checking everyone’s eyes to see where they are with anemia, and they are looking really bad.


It looks like I’m going to be giving everyone another round of copper.  The exception might be my girls who are getting milked because they are eating sweet feed twice a day, and it has a lot of copper in it. I’ll have to check each one for eye color and then decide with them, or they might get a smaller dose.

Cutie (itchy foot?)

I’m also seeing signs of deficiency in some of my March babies.  Most are holding their own, but a couple are really starting to look bad.  I’m not sure what to do with them.  Hopefully, most of the boys will get sold this weekend, and I’ll have to figure out something for the others.


Hopefully, Cupid gets her color back, and then I can use her as a kind of dipstick for when their copper is running out.

This is crazy.  I was told two grams every six months, and they should be good.  This will be six grams for everyone in just over four months.  I am still petrified of giving them too much and overdosing them, but I don’t know what else to do because they are still clearly lacking in copper.