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Hay is In

1 Aug

Yesterday, we finished the hay.  My nephew and his dad finished baling my small bales.  I am very glad his dad helped him because I don’t think I’m ready to try baling hills.

Then my nephew finished baling it with the round baler.  He did say it was a bit more of a challenge not to let the bales roll down the hill since we put a fence there last fall.  That would not have been good for the fence.

Maybeline, Aurora, and Odie

We stacked the rest of my bales in the barn.  It’s full!  That is a good feeling.

from the back side

The birds, Fionn, and the north girls enjoyed eating it.

peacock, Nugget and two hens


Other goats decided to celebrate by napping on the loose hay.

Tink, Wendy, Joani, and Peter Pan (Casey in back)

Silly goats.