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Finally Making Hay

29 Jul

With the wet spring, everything has been pushed back.  It’s been a whirlwind of trying to get caught up since we dried out, and it was finally time for my pasture to be mowed.

The nephew came out and started mowing.  When I got a call from him, I figured something broke down and he needed a ride, but he just needed to tell me the goats were in the bean field.  He might have thought they wouldn’t check the gates and he could just sorta fasten it.  They check. Every single time they go past it.  Seriously.  Anyhow, I chased them with the Ranger back through the waterway, and they went back in without too much trouble.

Naughty goats.

The nephew is done mowing, and we’ll start baling soon (hopefully tomorrow afternoon and finish Wednesday).

It will be a good feeling when the barn is full of hay again.