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Stop Doing Stupid Stuff

27 Jul

Hera.  This girl is going to kill me.  All through our horrible heat, I was walking out to pasture and making sure she wasn’t stuck in a fence.  She’s done well with it.  Really.  She’s even back to where I could pet her.  She’s been really…sweet.

Of course, I’m sweet.

That should have been my first clue.  I went out one morning to milk and was greeted by Hera yelling.  I’m not sure how, but she had her head stuck in the fence between the yard and barnyard. It’s just a panel, but there’s also more fencing to prevent the kids from coming through.  Apparantly, my fence had a hole, and she got her head through but couldn’t get it back out.  I got some wire cutters and freed her.  Then I told her to stop doing stupid stuff.

Haley in front of the offending fence (look at the tiny holes)

After milking, I was going to go see if I could pet Socks, and I walked into the barn and was greeted with a goat yelling at me.  I got to the second section, and there was Hera.  How?  She somehow got her head and a leg behind the post in the center of the manger, and she couldn’t move forewards or backwards.  I went into the middle part of the barn and opened the door.  She just stood there for a minute, not realizing I had freed her, so I moved her head and she bounded away with me calling behind her, “Stop doing stupid stuff.”

That’s twice I had rescued her before 7:30 am.  Things went back to normal, and the next day she was up with the rest of the herd in the evening.  I left them and when I went out about a half an hour later to give Harley and Betty their meds, I heard someone yelling at me. Yep.  She had gone back down the lane and stuck her head through.  She was stuck again.

Not even a thank you as she walked away.  Once again, I told her to stop doing stupid stuff.

You can’t make this stuff up. The next day when I was out in pasture counting all the little June kids, I looked up and saw…Poki.

Poki with Cutie and Zinnia wondering how to get over there

She is not supposed to be on the other side of the fence eating rich alfalfa.  Of course, I don’t blame Poki.  Look who she followed over there.  That would explain the diarrhea she had the other day…

Doesn’t she look smug standing in front of the little place where they push the fence up and slip under?

Not five minutes later, she was lying where she belonged looking sweet and letting me pet her again.

She really needs to stop doing stupid stuff.