A Llady’s Secret

11 Jul

I am still trying to decide if Maybeline and Odie are pregnant and when they might have a cria.  I mentioned a bit ago that Maybeline was standing by herself in the barn.  I’d been noticing this quite a bit.  I also keep peeking at her teats to see if there is any swelling.  I thought I saw some swelling the other day, so I googled signs that my llama was going to give birth.  Between that information from Shagbark Ridge Llamas and information from other sources, here’s what I’ve learned about signs a llama is about to give birth.

Isolating from the herd: I already mentioned she was doing this.  They say it something that a llama will do two to three weeks before having her baby.


Swelling of the teats:  I’m trying to tell.  I just can’t tell for sure.

Elongating of the vulva:  Um.  It’s hard to see a llama’s vulva beneath a floofy tail.  I will say though, she’s been holding her tail up quite a bit, and I managed to snap a picture.


Poor Odie had me pull her tail up for the comparison.  I’m thinking it could be elongated.  I’m not sure.

Odie for comparison

Another one is frequent trips to the poop pile without doing anything.  Could be.  But I’m not sure.  Lying on her side:

Is that a baby bump?

Usually, llamas spend most of their time lying like Aurora below.  You’ll also see that Odie is flopped out on her side, so I’m not sure that means anything other than the fact that they were enjoying the sunshine..

Seriously.  Maybeline is getting tired of me sneaking up and peeking at her.

Those ears say it all.  “Quit looking at my llady parts; I’m not telling my secrets.”

In addition to these signs, I have to keep in mind that llamas are different from cows or goats.  They are more like April the giraffe.  The cria will dangle and be born slowly to help drain the fluids from the baby’s lungs.  Llamas also have some ability to choose when they give birth.  This (and a bag that keeps the baby relatively dry compared to other animals) is an adaptation for giving birth in the high mountains.  Along with that, they supposedly only give birth during the day.  These are the craziest animals ever!


One Response to “A Llady’s Secret”

  1. Jeanne July 13, 2019 at 11:44 am #

    Interesting!! I really hope there’s at least one cria in your future barnyard! I’d love to see one from birth!

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