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The Garden

2 Jul

It was so late when it dried enough to till the garden that I pretty much planted it and have forgotten about it.  I’d see when I drove past that the tomatoes were still there.  About the time I decided I was going to have to start weeding it, we got rain again.  By the time it dried out enough to get in the garden, we were horribly hot and the weeds were tall.

But I started weeding around the plants.

green beans

Most everything is looking good!

It won’t be long before I start getting cucumbers and zucchini.

cucumber blossom

I did lose a few tomato plants, but I’m pretty sure there’s still going to be plenty. I hope so, anyhow, because my pantry is nearly emptied of canned goods.

tomato with blossoms

The one thing that doesn’t look very good is the pepper plants.  My sister said the same thing about hers, so I guess it’s a weather issue.

bell pepper

To help make my weeding task easier, I borrowed the cultivator from my mom.

As a bonus, she came out and helped me pull weeds.  Thank you mom!

After three mornings of working in horrible heat(before the worst of the heat), the garden is looking much better!

Although, I need to go through it again really soon to really get it looking like it should.