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Roasted Asparagus

31 May

I looked back through the blog, and the last time I shared a recipe with asparagus was in 2011.  Honestly, that’s the last time I cut it and did anything with it.  I decided it’s been long enough I should do something with it again.  Actually, I discovered browned butter, and I thought it would be a good pairing.  I have done a lot of playing in the kitchen and I’m getting a backlog of recipes to share, but we’ll do this one before asparagus is completely out of season.

I tossed the asparagus in olive oil and put it on my roasting sheet.

Then I sprinkled it with dill and fresh minced garlic.

While I roasted it at 400°F, I made the browned butter.

I’ve never been a big butter person (I usually used margarine), but the idea of browned butter as a glaze intrigued me, so I tried it.

It’s easy enough.  I used 1/4 Cup of butter and just cooked it until it turned brown.  Seriously easy.

By that time the asparagus was done roasting (It was only about 10 minutes), and I drizzled it on there and turned it to coat it all.

Then I put it on the serving tray.

Finally, I added a sprinkling of feta cheese.

It wasn’t bad.  I am not an asparagus fan (obviously since it’s been eight years since I ate any), and this would have been better without the asparagus, but it wasn’t too bad.