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I Want to Milk

9 May

I miss milking.  I’m sad that I won’t get to milk Clover, Haley, or Cinnamon.  With their health, I had to let them dry up.


I hope to milk Ava and Zinnia like I did last year; although Zinnia isn’t due until June.


I also have a couple of new girls I want to milk–Caroline and Cutie.


Cutie and Bianca

Although I’m pretty sure I’d have to fight their girls for their milk right now.


I also have a couple of yearlings that got bred that I’d like to try milking.  I do think Aphrodite might be good, but I’m a little nervous about even trying Hera.

You want to do what to me? Aphrodite

I guess I’ll be patient for a little bit yet.  But I really do want to milk.