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To the Back Pasture

6 May

We put the fence across the Back Forty last fall so I could keep the goats away from the Coyote Woods and try to avoid them being killed.  Well, I decided the days have gotten long enough that it’s time to let them back out there.  They are also keeping the part of the pasture they have eaten down.  It needs to grow.  The goats were on the bottom Saturday morning, so it was time.

I figured I’d go stand by the gates and just yell for them to come to me.

They would just have to follow the ditch and out into the long grass!  Of course, by the time I got down there, they’d traveled the wrong way and were clear at the far end. (They really are in the picture below.)

They finally heard me, and they took off running…right to the barnyard.  That’s where they usually go when I call to them.

Myson even stood there and watched me for a minute, but the herd mentality kicked in and he joined the rest of the herd.

Since the llamas were standing right there, I decided to try and get them to come see that the gate was open.

Maybeline, Aurora, and Odie

Aurora and Maybeline started towards me.

Then they decided they had to follow Odie back to the barnyard.

Seriously?  I suppose, in their defense, this is the time of day the llamas ususally go back up to the barnyard for drinks and dust baths.

But the goats.  Nope.  Oh well.  The llamas did make it out the next day.

To be continued…