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Nothing Left to Lose

3 May

This poor hen has nothing left to lose.  She was doing well with no feet.  She even managed to take a dust bath last week when I let her out for a bit.

Mama Phoenix

She had already lost the points on her comb and a bit of her beak.

I was worried she was going to lose the rest of the beak, and she did.

I have no words.  I feel so bad for her, and she still talks so sweetly to me when I come out to take care of her.

She is still bravely carrying on. It’s easier for her to eat whole corn, so that’s what she’s getting.  Hopefully, she can figure out the eating; she’s still hanging in there.

I still have no reason why she didn’t simply die when she got frostbite so bad during last winter’s polar vortex.

She’s made it a week without her beak, and she doesn’t seem to be losing weight (actually, she seems to be gaining it back because she couldn’t eat well for a couple days before she lost it).  She’s even managed to eat a coupld of worms I caught for her.