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Roasted Asparagus

31 May

I looked back through the blog, and the last time I shared a recipe with asparagus was in 2011.  Honestly, that’s the last time I cut it and did anything with it.  I decided it’s been long enough I should do something with it again.  Actually, I discovered browned butter, and I thought it would be a good pairing.  I have done a lot of playing in the kitchen and I’m getting a backlog of recipes to share, but we’ll do this one before asparagus is completely out of season.

I tossed the asparagus in olive oil and put it on my roasting sheet.

Then I sprinkled it with dill and fresh minced garlic.

While I roasted it at 400°F, I made the browned butter.

I’ve never been a big butter person (I usually used margarine), but the idea of browned butter as a glaze intrigued me, so I tried it.

It’s easy enough.  I used 1/4 Cup of butter and just cooked it until it turned brown.  Seriously easy.

By that time the asparagus was done roasting (It was only about 10 minutes), and I drizzled it on there and turned it to coat it all.

Then I put it on the serving tray.

Finally, I added a sprinkling of feta cheese.

It wasn’t bad.  I am not an asparagus fan (obviously since it’s been eight years since I ate any), and this would have been better without the asparagus, but it wasn’t too bad.


30 May

I spent a large part of my Memorial Day weekend shoveling the manure and bedding out of my garage.  It was way past due.  I am grateful that my nephew brought me a spreader last weekend.

He was right. I don’t like this one as well as the old one they sold because the sides are a lot higher, making me have to throw the manure higher.

Yes, Tony, you made those llama piles that I’m shoveling.

I definitely got a workout.

And the garage is getting back to normal.

Although, I don’t think it will ever fully be back to how it was.

Watching Out the Window

29 May

I love all the windows in my house, and they are great for taking pictures of birds.

But they do distort and get dirty and I’m usually not happy with the pictures I take through the windows.

Although, the windows I had repaced let me take some pretty good shots.

I’ve decided to replace the rest of my downstairs windows this summer.  Now it’s not just for the photography.  I love being able to open windows.  The breeze feels nice, and that’s not something I’ve been able to do for the first twenty years I’ve lived here.

I love that the windows can open in for cleaning.  I have actually washed the new windows already!  They are also double hung, so I can put the screens on top.  The animals don’t rip the screens up and I can open it for the cats to come in.

Bob Cat waiting at the old dirty window

Replacing my windows means I need to do some massive cleaning though.  I have to do something with all the plants and I also have to clean off the front porch since the windows between it and the house are also getting replaced.  The porch doesn’t stop as much wind as you might think.


I can hardly wait to have the entire downstairs open!