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The Rest of the Moving

21 Apr

Along with getting all the goats back together, I wanted to move Aurora to the big pasture too.  I finally had to go bribe her with food to get her to come up and through the barnyard to join everyone else.

Hopefully, the girls can all get along.

Aurora, Odie, and Maybeline

After I moved Aurora, I could let Tony and Pluto out of the garage.

Tony and Pluto

It’s about time.  They’ve been in there since the first of the year.

Pluto is such a little cream puff.  He was sick last fall and has been shut up, so he’s really got no muscles.


The first thing Tony did was to find a place for a good dust bath.

I also wanted to get my big boys back on the front pasture so that my north paddock can grow.

Xerxes, Fionn, Zeus, and Anubis

Thankfully, they are easy to move.

Everyone seems to be getting along.

Zeus and Pluto

They are enjoying all the green grass too.