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Kids Have Names

1 Apr

It’s been crazy around here (how often do I say that?), so I think I’ve only shared a couple of names with you.  Here are more kids’ names.  We kind of have some Disney movie themes running through the names,especially heavy on Peter Pan (maybe more Hook).

Joani’s smallest triplet, Tinkerbell

Wendy–Joani’s other girl

Cinnamon’s boy John

Margarita’s little Peanut

Bianca, Cutie’s doe

Annie’s twins: Penelope and Pepe

Mary’s twins, Tootles and Bubbles

Haley’s twins: Capt. Jas. Hook (to be called Jaz) and Smee

I’ll have to keep trying to get pictures of them all.  Haley’s boys will probably never have a decent picture because as soon as they see you, they come running to see if you brought them a bottle.