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The Llamas

29 Mar

The llamas are really enjoying going out to pasture.

Odie and Buster


They are happy the snow has melted, and they can have their nice concrete slab back to sleep on.

Buster, Maybeline, and Odie

Aurora is still doing well.


She is like my shadow anymore.  I can barely walk across the barnyard without her face over my shoulder.

“Is that food you’re carrying?”

I have to admit, while it gets annoying (especially when she’s trying to eat goat feed over my shoulder), I’m also kind of thrilled by it too.

“Nope. It’s Margarita’s little Peanut she left lying out in the pasture again.”

Tony is still eating.  But he and Pluto are tired of being shut in the garage.

Tony and Pluto

I keep telling him he needs to keep eating that alfalfa and llama feed to keep gaining weight, and then he can come out.

I’m just not sure how I’m going to move Aurora or how I’m also going to keep feeding Tony his llama feed.  I guess I have a week or so to figure it out.