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Planning Ahead

20 Feb

I have twenty girls due to have kids over spring break.  That’s a lot of goats due in five days.

Astra (with a photobombing peacock)

I am a little nervous because February has been pretty cold and snowy and it looks like it’s going to continue throughout the rest of the month.  Bless my nephew and his backhoe.

Sky and Nephew #1

You’ll also notice our roller coaster weather from the start of the month.

I decided I better see what March is looking like, and it’s a bit scary too.  It looks like we’re supposed to go back to more normal temperatures right after I’m done kidding.  There’s still plenty of time for the forecast to change (hopefully for the better), but I can’t count on that.

Edit: I just grabbed a new screen shot because it looks worse than it did when I created the post over the weekend.

That means I need to figure out a plan for having babies in the cold.

Blaze looking for treats or kisses.

I have the feeling my garage is not going to like this.

Maisie and boys (from 2018)

But I’d rather plan ahead than doing in the middle of the night like last year.