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End of the Day Chores

28 Jan

After I finish chores, I get a short break until I do the end of the day chores.

That starts with preparing meds for Lily and Harley.

I dissolve meloxicam for Lily in a syringe because she wouldn’t eat it off a cracker with peanut butter.  Harley is thrilled with her peanut butter cracker.


In fact, she would eat my mittens that have a bit of peanut butter on them if I let her (no mittens this time because I can’t take cell phone pictures with mittens on).

Lily might be regretting her choice, but I’m not sure how I could get a cracker past Harley to give it to her now.

Lily (with Pistol behind)

The two little girls generally chase me out of the pen.  That’s mostly begging to see if I brought them treats.

Antigone and Cupid

Then I go shut the door for the birds.  I just noticed how much of their bedding they’ve destroyed.  I’ll have to get more in here before tomorrow’s horrible cold.

By the way, that is a brand new heated bucket because their old one quit working one evening last week.  Upkeep and replacing things is never-ending on the farm.

After the birds I trek across the barnyard and do one last check of Tony and turn his lights off for the night.

When I finish with all that, I can go in and relax!