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Here to Stay

23 Jan

Winter seems to be here to stay now.


We’ve had several rounds of snow and cold and wind.  Nobody is even thinking of going out to pasture.

Front: Penny, Bambi, Buster. Back: Stormy and Haley (behind), Joani (?) and Cinnamon, Maybeline, and Odie

I’m feeding them all hay and grain to help them maintain their weight throughout the cold weather.

Gidget (front) and Blaze

Margarita and Maggie

Of course, the llamas are still working on the theory that they just get to eat whatever they want.

Maybeline, Odie, and Buster (Ava in front photobombing)

A few are still getting special treatment.  I usually let Dolly in for some sweet feed each evening to make sure she’s getting enough to eat.


I also let Cutie into the greenhouse so she could be with her daughter and get inside.


Everyone seems to be tolerating it well so far.  With more chores each evening, I’m ready for longer days.

I guess I got my wish (kind of) with yesterday and today being snow days from work (although we have to make them up in June).  My nephew finally got his chores done, and then he started clearing driveways (he’s pretty awesome).  He made it at the same time the county finally came to clear the road.  You’ll notice I had already scooped the deck and sidewalk.

I think I’m still missing two food pans under the snow.  Oops.

So far Sky and Bob seem to really have it figured out better than anyone else.

Sky and Bob sharing the register vent

It looks like the next week is going to still be cold and snowy.