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22 Jan

I’ve mentioned that Tony has lost weight.  He was rather fat when he got here, and I didn’t worry too much when I put him out to pasture with the girls and he dropped some weight, but by September, I was concerned about him because along with dropping weight, he had diarrhea.

Tony Llama

I consulted with the ISU vet who was taking care of Pluto, and he was wormed and I gave that time to resolve the issue.  When it didn’t help, and he seemed to still be losing weight, I had the ISU vet who came for Aurora’s recheck also check Tony.  At that time, they did a fecal (it was fine) and he said he was at an ideal summer weight.


I did e-mail back and forth with the vet a little bit talking about nutrition and shared concerns that I still couldn’t get Tony to pick up weight, but he eventually responded by saying nutrition wasn’t his speciality and I didn’t hear from him again.  In the meantime, I’d moved Tony so I could monitor his poops and eating better.


I called the ISU field services and made an appointment for a recheck because I obviously had to do something else.  A new vet came out, and he had read the chart, but he assumed it was Aurora he was coming to see because Tony’s exam was so unremarkable that the previous vet didn’t see the need to even make a separate chart on him.

Tony and Aurora

That means we are starting over.  Of course, I got the “it’s usually worms” lecture.  I also got, “Your llama is thin.  Try pushing him to eat more.”  Really?  That’s what you went to vet school for seven years to tell me when I call because my llama is still losing weight despite everything I’ve tried?

They did take blood, and when he calls with the results from the blood work and fecal, I can hopefully move to the next stage and figure out what’s going on.

Sadly, I’m afraid it’s ulcers too.  It’s the same time of year.  It’s the same type of stress (new to the farm, new goat roomates, crazy weather).  In the meantime, I put a pen for him in the garage so I can give him a richer alfalfa hay and monitor his intake a bit better.  It’s also warmer for him.