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5 Nov

My house was built in 1900 +/-.  It gives it charm and I absolutely love it!  However, I think all but one of the upstairs windows are original.

Rocky (who quit posing when I snapped the picture)

The windows downstairs have been replaced, but some of them still have the original rope weights to open and close them.

I have a couple with broken glass. This one happens to be by my bed. You’ll also notice there is no putty around the edge.  That means, when the northeast wind blows, I freeze.

This wonderful gaping space is on the north wall in the living room. It also lets a lot of cold in.

My kitchen window is horribly rotten.

This is my favorite window because of the fancy leaded glass part at the top.

I had these four windows (and my other bedroom window) replaced.  Everyone was surprised that they can actually see out the windows.


I had them save the leaded panel for me.  I want to clean it up and hang it somewhere.  After all, it is 118 years old.

I figured out how to put the screens on the top part of the window.  That way Sky doesn’t just rip them to shreds when he jumps against this window to tell me he wants in.

It’s going to take some getting used to the changes.  I don’t do well with change.  I would have much preferred to have them wood grain, but they were ridiculously more expensive, and I have twenty-one windows in my house. I’m pretty sure I’ll really appreciate them when we have a strong nor’easter this winter.

I’m hoping to keep going and have all the windows replaced in the next two years.  Hopefully.