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Time for Copper

21 Oct

I am giving all the goats another round of copper.  As bad as they were, I don’t think it will hurt to give it to them a month early.


I think the peanut butter and pill hidden in a peanut shell worked well, so that’s the plan again this time.

I really want to make sure the girls who are getting bred have copper for their babies because I don’t want to lose anymore babies.  I know most of my greedy goats will gobble down the peanuts.


Although, I know I’ll have a few that won’t cooperate.

This time, I’m prepared!  I have a pill pusher that is actually made to hold the capsule I’m using.  It doesn’t fall out, and the thing is spring loaded!

This made things so much easier!  I did manage to get all but 2 1/2 adults to take the copper in treats (LilyAnn spit half of hers out), and Zeus did too.


I’m really glad I didn’t have to push it down Margarita with the scar tissue in her throat.  She still sounds kind of like Wolfman Jack.


I had to use the pusher on the three March girls, but it was easy!


I am so glad it went well this time.  I’m definitely going to keep pushing the peanuts as treats.  We’re good for another six months.