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The Rest of Zeus’s Girls

18 Oct

Part V, the final post, on making spring break babies:  I shared that I put Caroline and Wanda with Zeus, but he also got some more girls.

Annie, Caroline, Zeus, Sidney (in front), Wanda and LilyAnn (in back)

I put LilyAnn in there, but she was just coming out of heat, so I don’t believe there is any way she’ll get bred.  We’ll try it again for June.


Then there’s Sidney.  She might or might not come into heat because she was just in heat last week.


I was also guessing the shot was too soon since Margarita’s last time of being in heat, but she did come into heat.  We’ll see if she settles.


Even though he has six girls with him, I’m not sure he’ll have more than Annie, Wanda, and Caroline that come into heat.

Zeus and Sidney

At least he’s interested.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be cute too.