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Noooo, Mooose!

12 Oct

Moose is a brat.  I cannot forget to use twine to tie my chicken pen gate shut.  If I do, Moose opens it.

Seriously.  He checks every time he goes past the gate.

He just flicks the latch up.

Then he grabs a wire and pulls it open.

If I do forget and he gets it open, then I have pretty much the whole herd in there.  They refuse to leave until I yell, and jump up and down, and occasionally, I have to start crying before they will actually leave.  Okay, that’s a tiny exaggeration (but not much).

It would be bad for him and the other wethers to eat the chicken feed (bladder stones).  I try really hard to remember and tie it shut, but man.  He’s a pain.