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That Boy and His Toys

3 Oct

Sky can look like such a good boy.

He looks regal and dignified, but that’s just not the real Sky.


He’s a goofball.

100% goofball.

And when it’s been cool and rainy after we dug out scrub mulberries for the new yard fence, that means he’s a muddy goofball.

Oy.  My poor kitchen floor.  He’s a wild man when I try to clean his paws off with an old towel.

I also don’t know where he got this toy.

It’s an old toilet brush that I had left in the building when I switched to a new one for scrubbing water buckets.  I just don’t know when he managed to steal it.

Of course, he made it into his toy.  He’s also made me realize I need to do a much better job of picking up after myself.