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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

I’ve been seeing lots of pictures of kids dressed up for Halloween, so I thought I’d add mine to the mix.



Pistol and Antigone



Cookie wants to know which one looks better




Happy Halloween from all of us at Eden Hills!

Still Cranky

30 Oct

I hardly ever see the llamas this time of year.  They are content to stay out in pasture most of the time.  If they do come up, it’s usually during the day when I’m at work.  I was happy to see them coming up from pasture this weekend while I was home.

Maybeline and Odie

Maybeline and Odie see Tony and their ears go back.

Of course, that’s their normal reaction to any guy.  I have no idea if it means they’re going to have crias.


They plan on making us wait the entire 11 1/2 months before they reveal any secret.


Maybeline says she just might keep spitting on me too.


That will show me.

A Perfect Day

29 Oct

Saturday was such a perfect day that I spent most of it working outside.  I finally got to move the pile of brush from where we took out the old yard fence.

I moved it to the garden to be burned.  Which means I had to shut Harley and the boys out of there.

Harley, Pluto (back) and Anubis

I had to bring the Ranger in for one very large root and tree.  Sky got his first Ranger ride.  I’m not sure that was smart, but I’m not sure which was more dangerous–having him beside me in the Ranger or running around like a lunatic while I was trying to drive.  By the way, I LOVE my new fence!


I also got the tomato cages all removed from the garden and hauled to the north shed.  That seemed to make sense since I want to put my garden up there next year.


I also did some other yard work and hauled a bunch of the mess from the old fence to the recycling dumpster.  If only I had another solid week of this perfect weather and I got to stay home for it, I might get caught up a little bit.