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21 Sep

This morning, I finally got the phone call I’ve been waiting for.  Pluto was ready to come home!


He’s been given excellent care at ISU’s Lloyd Veterniary Hospital while he recovered from the parasites that really messed with his gastro-intestinal system.

Dr. Breuer and soon-to-be Dr. ?  (I’m a horrible person and don’t remember her name)

I am beyond grateful to Dr. Breuer and all of the hospital staff.  After a cramped ride in the pet taxi, I planned on putting him back with Harley and his brother.

Not that they cared.  They were more interested in their sweet feed than Pluto’s homecoming.

Anubis and Harley

I also decided it was not a good place for him because when I backed up to take their picture, they both followed me, but poor Pluto tripped on the green stuff.

I decided to put him back with Antigone in the Love Shack.  She and he had a nice little conversation as I was carrying him up to the north paddock, so I figured she’d be happy to have him in there with her.


He didn’t care about her.  He just wanted green stuff.

That’s good because he needs to keep eating and gain strength.