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Nothing to Lose

31 Aug

I am still working to help my copper deficient goats.  They’ve spent their entire lives using those reserves of copper from their livers, and nobody can really tell me how to get those liver levels up to where they belong without overdosing them.

Vixen was treated with the entire herd in May.  Then she was given another gram at the beginning of August.  She started to get a little bit of pink, but now her eyes are pure white and she has no strength.  She’s had diarrhea.  I finally called the vet because I don’t know what to do for her.  Well, Dr. Schmitz doesn’t know what to do either, but she was eating well and tried to run away from us.  She acts fine other than not having a single red blood cell in her body which causes severe weakness.  We talked and decided that she had nothing left to lose, and she could be my guinea pig for giving a bigger dose of copper to try and get those levels back up to a safe level.

Even though I thought this was going to be a good-bye post, she’s hanging in there, and we’re trying to help her (and the entire herd).  I honestly don’t know how any of my goats have survived with essentially no copper in their diets for the last eight years.  Tonight she got another four grams of copper.  Hopefully, that will let her get back to close to normal.

Scenes from Pasture

30 Aug

bug on the wild aster

Pretty sure this was right before they flew the coop.

barn swallows


Fritillary on alfalfa

A squirrel was enjoying the walnuts that grow in the pasture.


I think there were a pair of newly fledged barn swallows (but not from the nest above).  At least, I was getting dived at by another one, and these two just sat there unconcerned about my presence.

We’ve had enough rain that it’s still green and pretty out in pasture right now.  There are lots of wildlife too.

Entertaining Himself

29 Aug

While I’m at work, Sky is left to entertain himself all day long.  That thought scares me.


But, I think I have an idea how he spends a large part of his day.  Scaring goats.  He likes to jump at them and make them run.  It works well with the kids I have shut in with Harley.


Harley, on the other hand doesn’t play those games.


She won’t run.

Eventually, he has to get a bit more emphatic about his intentions of playing with her whether she wants to or not.

He follows her along the fence and she keeps ignoring him.

This leads to loudly demanding she play with him.

When she finally hits her horns against the fence to say “go away” he takes that as playing

and bounces away.

Then he starts all over again.