What I’m Not Doing

30 Jul

My garden this year has been a bust.  Between the late start, early heat with tons of rain, then dry, and…  Well, it’s been neglected.

I actually mowed it once between the tomatoes and stuff.  The okra grew quickly in the heat and humidity, so it will produce later in the summer.

The tomatoes are doing well also.

I’m pretty sure, even if they are totally covered by the grass and weeds, I’m still going to have a good crop.

I’ve picked a few cucumbers and a couple of zucchini.

Unfortunately, I have lost some zucchini plants to squash vine borers.  I hate them.

I don’t know how to get rid of them since they are in the soil.

acorn squash (not touched by squash vine borers so far)

I think that means I want to move my garden up north; hopefully it won’t have them up there.  I also want to dig some of the baby plum trees and start them up north.

baby plum tree

My big plum tree that I moved here from my mom’s place is not looking good–too many severe weather years and yard goats.

It’s also twenty years old.  Although, if they hang on, it looks like there will be quite a few this fall.

I have a couple bigger young trees that my nephew said he’d help me move with the backhoe.  We’ll see how that works.

So my garden is largely a bust for this year, but I’m looking at improvements and changes for next year.


6 Responses to “What I’m Not Doing”

  1. janicead at 10:35 pm #

    Our tomato plants are in a large container on our patio. They bloom but no signs of a single tomato.

    • Teresa at 7:39 am #

      Hopefully they will come on soon.

  2. Jeanne at 12:53 am #

    I’m sorry about your garden problems…not fun! We haven’t had squash vine borers, but can no longer grow potatoes or carrots because of some kind of boring bug. It’s so frustrating.
    I hope all your plans go well..

    • Teresa at 7:40 am #

      Thanks. I think it will be a huge help to move the garden. It’s been in the same spot of about twenty years. That’s not good for the soil/pest problems.

  3. WolfSong at 10:00 am #

    It feels like it’s always something, doesn’t it…
    Well, here’s hoping you have a good crop of stuff in amongst those weeds. 🙂
    And good luck with the trees!
    Hope they move and take to their new places very well indeed!

    • Teresa at 10:30 am #

      This one is easy to live eith because I have a generoys sister with a HUGE garden.

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