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A Present to Me

23 Jul

I usually don’t get myself presents.  You know, except llamas, and that’s just expanding the family.  Anyhow, I got myself a present.

It had been many years since I’ve had a working sewing machine.  I used to sew all the time.  I thought I’d try it again.

But sewing a skirt doesn’t really merit mention on a farm blog.  Forgive the mess; I was washing my bedding.

That’s just learning the machine and getting back into practice.  Then I want to take my feed bags and turn them into tote bags.

I’m getting to where I have quite the variety of bags: goat feed, goat minerals, llama and alpaca, dog, cat, cracked corn.  I decided to start with dog chow.

What do you think?  I think I’m ready to move on to a goat or llama feed tote bag.