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Tracking Kids

19 Jul

Everyday is an endless stream of tracking kids.  I have twelve kids that were born in June, and they do a pretty good job of sticking with their moms, but sometimes they fall asleep in pasture yet, so I have to go keep track of them.


Anubis and Freya

Jimmy P

The last time kids were not with their moms was when we came home from Villisca.  I milked and Dolly was there.  My sister commented on her big udder.

I mentioned that being out in pasture she was probably getting ready to feed them.  Then I opened the door and the boys weren’t there.

Dolly with Anubis and Pluto

I went out to track kids and found I was missing five.  Dolly was quite helpful.  She followed me around yelling for her kids.

Dolly (on the right) with her mom, Lily

If you haven’t heard Dolly talk, she’s quite loud and obnoxious.  It wasn’t long before I heard a kid answer her from across the ditch.  I helped them over, and it was a great reunion.

front to back: Pandora, Calliope (was not one that was missing), Jimmy P, Anubis, and Freya

Other times. the kids stay in the barnyard and have to wait all day to eat.

front: Pluto and Anubis; back: Jimmy P and Osiris (checking out the chicken)

When the moms get close again, they’ll call to their kids.

Zinnia (left) and Cookie

Of course, they sometimes don’t figure out where they are hearing their moms from, but luckily, the moms help them out.

Jimmy P headed for mom and Osiris trying to figure it out

Jimmy P nursing and Zinnia still waiting for Osiris to figure it out

Zinnia finally took off to try and catch Osiris who was running the wrong direction; At last getting to eat.

Finally, I have my bottle monsters confined to the north paddock with Harley.

Horus, Eve (front), Gilgamesh, and Enkidu

They had been free to go wherever they wanted (except Enkidu was too big to get out), and they even went out to pasture with the rest of the herd once or twice.

Horus and Eve

But when they decided to start going out into the driveway and almost to the road, I had to put a stop to that.  I must say, tracking kids is one of the more pleasant jobs on the farm.