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Summer Haircut

27 Jun

I literally called the llama shearer before Tony was delivered because I knew the hot weather was going to start, and I wanted to make sure he got sheared.  Monday evening I got the call that he was passing by and would stop in to shear Tony the next day.  I shut him in the garage (luckily because we had more rain and we don’t want wet wool) and waited.

Tony Llama

Tony was none too thrilled, and he did do a bit of kicking as the wool came off.

At one point I thought he’d look like a pony if we left a long mane on him.

He finallly settled down a bit and was interested in watching the llady llamas out on pasture.

He looks a lot different!

I will say the shearer was quite impressed with Tony, and I think he was a bit disappointed he wasn’t going to be going to shows anymore.

I might have to think about offering stud services and turn my garage into a llama brothel.