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25 Jun

I am still undefeated at hide-and-goat-seek so far this year.  That’s a good thing, and round two was really starting to make me wonder.  I have everyone on the front pasture yet, which is small, but the grass is crazy thick and tall for kids to try to walk around.

Sidney and Pandora

They get tired and take a quick nap, and then they are stuck there until mom (or I) comes to get them.  You’ll never guess who has done the best at keeping track of her kid–Zinnia!  She is a brand new mom, but she is amazing at keeping track of him (and someday I might actually name him).

Zinnia behind her nameless buck

Dolly left her boys somewhere.  She tried helping me find them, but she’s not really feeling herself–age, crappy weather, raising kids, and the remnants of copper defiency issues.  It was up to me to find them.


I spent seventy minutes trapsing through the pasture, focusing on the top where I had seen the goats.  Finally, in a last ditch effort, I went farther down, and there they were!  I carried them back up and gave them to a grateful Dolly.

Pluto and Anubis (sorry for the crappy cell phone picture)

The next day, I was mowing my yard, so all the kids ended up down in pasture.  By the time I finished mowing, the only one that was not accounted for was Jimmy P.  I waited until after chores and milking and it was starting to get late, and I finally decided Cookie was not going to find him.


I told everyone to let me know if they saw him, and this time I started on the bottom of the pasture.  I worked my way from one side to the other, and I was close to being done when I heard a kid.  It was Victoria’s girl, Freya.  It was her first time in pasture, and she got separated from mom.  I just scooped her up and kept looking for Jimmy P.


When I finished and still hadn’t found him, I was getting ready to head back to the top, but Casey (Cookie’s triplet brother) had left the herd and was standing at attention.  He looked like he was staring at something.  I went to the corner where he was looking and was going to work my way towards him.  About that time, Freya was tired of being carried and started yelling.  Then I heard another kid–this time it was Jimmy P, right where Uncle Casey told me to look.


I dropped Freya off with her mom and took Jimmy P to his mom, and everyone made it back up to the barnyard from the pasture.

Cookie and Jimmy P

Well, Dolly’s boys were still sleeping in pasture, but I knew exactly where they were.  Anyhow, the final score so far is Farmer Teresa 5; goats 0.  Luckily, it will only be another week or so before the kids are big enough to keep up.