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The First Round

22 Jun

Things have been so busy, I’m way behind on sharing what’s been going on.  On Monday evening, I had my first round of hide-and-goat-seek.  I saw Haley take her kids out to pasture, but I was busy preparing for incoming storms.  I had to move some of the brand new kids to a place where there was enough room for everyone to get inside.  I figured it would take a few minutes, and then I could run down and grab her kids.

Well, a cloud came and the breeze picked up and brought relief from the 100 degree feels-like temperature and the goats all got excited and took off across pasture, so I had no idea when the kids got tired and decided to take a nap.  I did, however, discover that my fence was washed out in the rain that moved the tree down the ditch.  I might have had to yell at a handfull of goats to get their tails back on my side of the fence.

I walked and walked and called to the kids and swore at Haley for bringing them out, and after a good half an hour, I came upon this adorable sight.

Calliope and Orpheus

Score!  Farmer Teresa 2; goats 0.  I carried them back to the barnyard, and it wasn’t long before the front line of the storms reached us.

We had another inch-and-a-half of rain overnight.