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Another Delivery

15 Jun

Thursday was one of those days that gave me a whole week’s worth of blog material, so stick with me.  Tony was not our only new arrival on the farm yesterday.  Dolly had her babies!

Dolly and boys

Of course, she’s retiring after this year.  She’s ten–that’s the oldest I’ve had anyone have kids, and it also means she’s taken the top spot for the number of kids all for herself.  She was previously tied with Litha.

I guess she decided to go out with a bang because I had to have the vet come help her.  I couldn’t feel a kid in there (hard to do on your own), but it also took the vet quite a bit of work to get the first one out.

The second was a little easier, but he was by no means a walk in the park.

They are here and everyone is doing well!