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How Early?

4 Jun

I am trying to decide how early Sidney’s babies were.  They are earlier than just four days.  I remembered that I yelled at someone (don’t remember who) to quit picking on her because she was pregnant on Thursday.  I’d guess she got hit hard enough that it put her into labor.  I’ve had that happen before, but never this early.

Sidney a couple days before getting hit

I had her written down as being due on June 18th, and I was pretty confident about it.  I don’t think there is any way one could live being sixteen days early.

Her little boy didn’t make it (although he was sleeping in the picture below).  You can see how little he weighed.  His legs were like pencils.  His skin was all loose and wrinkled.  He didn’t have any teeth through.

Below, you can see his hooves are still not solid.  We got him to take a bottle, but he just grew weaker and couldn’t keep going.

Sidney’s girl seems to be farther along.  I didn’t weigh her, but she looked about twice as big.  She still has wrinkled skin.

Her feet are a little bit not quite ready for her to stand on them, but not too bad. (You can almost see better on the left front foot above.)

Her teeth are coming through.  They aren’t fully out, but they have broken through the gum.

I guess all I can do is be grateful she is doing well yet.  I’m also going to pay close attention to when her horn buds appear.  That usually happens when they are just a few days old.